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Obituary for Gloria Jean Clark

Gloria Jean Clark 80, of Clarkston, passed away Friday, Nov. 11, 2022, at Clarkston Health and Rehabilitation of Cascadia.

She was born Nov. 25, 1941, in Seattle. She and her parents, Finn and Belle Larson, moved to Shelton, Wash., in 1950. She attended Reed High School in Shelton, graduating in 1959.

In 1960, she enrolled in Gray Harbor Business School in Aberdeen, Wash. She lived with her aunt, Rosalie, and her uncle, Tom O’Denell, during those years, joining them on many vacations throughout the Pacific Northwest. Gloria was instrumental in helping to raise their daughter, Dee Dee, 11 years her junior.

After graduating from business school, Gloria moved to San Fransisco, working as a paralegal in a law firm. It was soon therafter that Gloria moved to Nome, Alaska, to help her father with his bakery business. A few years later, she moved to Anchorage, Alaska, to again work as a paralegal in a law firm there.

It was around 1972, that she moved to Juneau, Alaska, to work as a lead secretary with Dawson and Co., an insurance company based in Seattle. Dave Clark, Gloria’s eventual husband of 48 years, would send work for Dawson and Company via dictaphone. (Dave worked for Dawson and Co. as a personal lines manager) and after the dictating was complete one day, Dave asked Gloria if she would like to have a drink after work. She accepted the invitation and a drink turned into a “fancy dinner date” at a nice restaurant on Douglas Island, across the Gasteneau Channel from Juneau, and the next 48 years is history.

Dave and Gloria would soon tire of the constant rain in Juneau and moved to Spokane, where Dave would work for Safeco Insurance for the following three years. They would then take their marriage to Missoula, Mont., where Dave continued his work in the insurance industry. After another three-year span, Gloria and Dave would head to Idaho, with stops in Idaho Falls, Twin Falls and eventually Boise. Gloria worked as a paralegal in each of those three cities, while following Dave and his insurance work.

In 1976, Dave would mention to Gloria one day that he’d like to move he and his wife to the Lewiston-Clarkston Valley. The reason? The best steelhead fishing in the world. Dave, with Gloria by his side, would go on to catch many steelhead over the years. Gloria caught her first big fish on a “silver flatfish” lure on the Salmon River between White Bird and Lucille. They spent many weekends in their Silverstreak 14-foot trailer, while parked at the Steelhead Inn, near Lucille. Gloria would say it was so darn small that she’d have to go outside just to change her mind.

In 1996, Gloria was diagnosed with both multiple sclerosis and uterine cancer. Gloria was strong and courageous in battling both fatal diseases.

Dave and Gloria had a dog named Karli, presently a 14 year-old cavalier spaniel that Gloria adored. Once this winter passes, Dave and family will take Gloria’s ashes to be spread on the Salmon River at their favorite fishing spot, along with Karlie.

Gloria is survived by her husband, Dave, and her stepson, James David, whom Gloria loved and took care of like he was her very own and James loved and adored the care that Gloria always displayed. She is also survived by her beloved Karli.

“Rest in peace pretty lady.”